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Rich Biby

Richard P. Biby, P.E.

AGL Media Group is a continuation of the telecommunications media commitment that Richard P. Biby, P. E., first made in 2004. Biby begin publishing his first project, AGL Magazine, in October 2004 recognizing a need in the mobile-communications industry for an in-depth magazine addressing the needs of professionals involved in wireless, broadcasting and land mobile.

Biby’s affection for radio technology and his desire to see a higher quality of editorial excellence in related trade publications are the engines that drive AGL. Prior to serving as Publisher/CEO of AGL Magazine, and now AGL Media Group, Biby owned radio stations, served as an expert in zoning-application hearings and provided professional services to the siting industry for decades and was the founder of Biby Engineering Services PC and SiteSafe, LLC. He has worked as Chief Technology Officer for Crown Castle International Corp and has been very active in professional industry associations and standards (AFCCE, ACP, TIE, IEEEE, PCIA) and governmental advisory committees for the FCC. Biby is a Fellow of the Radio Club of America.

For ten years, AGL has been an independent voice reporting on the most significant news, trends and information across the telecommunications industry. Creative ideas, exchanged with all of the disciplines throughout our industry, have always been an important factor in driving technology and network deployments. The goal of AGL Media Group is to further that dialogue by offering relevant content about wireless development and economic growth.

AGL remains committed to reporting and providing educational intelligence about antenna siting which is the most significant element of wireless communications. The new branding and messaging of AGL Media Group is about increasing coverage and identifying channels to offer more comprehensive and effective service products to the wireless community. The new website, launched October 2013, allows readers to experience AGL always on the go.

For information about AGL Media Group, interest in content contribution, advertising opportunities or conference sponsorships, please contact us at sales@aglmediagroup.com.